Corporate Astrology

Discover how astrology can guide the way to business success!

Create a corporate astrology event aboard a boat with your team-work. With skill and precision, the astrologer will analyze the positions and movements of the moon at the time of birth of each of the participants. Based on this information, she will comment on the most interesting aspects of each person's personality and the compatibilities of the group to enhance the functioning of the team and the work dynamics.

The event will begin with an introduction to astrology and its association with the moon, the sea, and our emotions. The astrologer will transmit her knowledge and highlight the strongest points of each team member. She will highlight the qualities and find the links and affinities that exist between each of the participants. In this way, the aim is to raise awareness of the team as a whole in order to work more effectively. 

It will create an atmosphere of openness and connection between the whole team, which, being surrounded by sea and nature, will be able to immerse themselves in an experience of self-knowledge and mutual understanding. Corporate astrology brings a new perspective and allows to understand how individual energies can influence collective success. The astrologer will guide the team towards greater cohesion and collaboration, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and fostering open communication and mutual understanding. 

This onboarding astrology experience with your team will not only create a more harmonious and productive team environment, but will also strengthen the bonds between team members. As they discover more about themselves and each other, they will build greater trust and empathy, essential for success in any work environment.

The event will end with a snack of fruits and natural infusions while we sail and discuss with our colleagues how they felt and what was everyone's experience. If you are looking for an innovative experience that will boost the growth and harmony of your company, this activity is for you.

Available boats


  • Sunset sail boat trip 
  • Crew
  • 3 hours sailing 
  • Astrologer on board
  • Personalized lunar chart study for each of the attendees
  • Group activity 
  • Infusions and fruit on board



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