Underwater Eco-taste

Discover the flavors of our MED in a tasting of aged wines under sea water

Do your bit in the creation of new reefs for marine species to regain their habitat.

Explore the benefits of aging wines under sea water and delight your five senses with a tasting on board while you discover with your team the differences between land wines and underwater wines.

Thanks to our experts, we will embark on a journey that will take us to the underwater wineries that not only preserve wine but also become the ideal refuge for different species creating a new ecosystem.

You will also be surprised when you know that these bottles are decorated with abandoned fishing gear among the waves.

Turn wine tourism into one more occasion to take care of our sea!

In this team building:
♻️ You become aware on marine environment.
♻️ You will understand about the recycling of materials extracted from our #MED.
♻️ We will tell you how these wineries have managed to be a habitat and refuge for species and their importance.




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