Eco Triathlon

Carry out an eco triathlon collecting waste and competing in 3 different environments.

Venture into a Triathlon in Barcelona with your colleagues divided into teams.

Three activities in one to discover more about the environment.
The first is a hiking route: thanks to questions, challenges and enigmas that you will find on a tablet, you will learn about recycling, ecosystems and how to take care of the environment with a gymkhana in a natural environment like that of Garraf or Montjuic. Don't forget that time is important! Whoever finishes first, will first reach the point where electric bikes will be waiting for your group! We will use them in the second activity to finish the tour of the mountain with more adrenaline. The third activity that ends our Triathlon will be one between either a beach cleaning or a waste fishing! At the end of the Triathlon we will announce the winner that we will choose for points accumulated in the gymkhana, speed and amount of waste found.




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